Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in a volunteer position with the West U PTO. In the attached document, we have included brief descriptions of each position as well as the current (2015-2016) elected officers/chairs you can contact for more detailed information. We elect officers and fill chair positions in the spring.

See a detailed list of volunteer positions.

In addition to these positions, we are always looking for additional help in the following areas:


If you are detail-oriented, have a love of books, and enjoy a peaceful escape from the real world, you may be perfectly suited to assist in the school library. We are in need of parents who have an hour or two each week to assist our school librarian, Kelly Russell, by shelving books, assisting with kindergarten ancillary, or working on other library projects. If you are interested, please email our Library Volunteer Coordinator Aaryn Silva.

Room Parent

Room parents assist your child’s teacher by volunteering to be a Room Parent. The following is a list of activities that West University Elementary Room Parents have traditionally provided. Of course, teachers will personalize the duties to suit their class needs.

  • Communicate information to classroom parents regarding classroom and other school events.
  • Assist the teacher with Open House by making sign-up sheets available. After Open House, issue a class roster.
  • Organize preparation of class project for Auction
  • Ensure that worker time slots in the Carnival booth assigned to the class are filled
  • Work with other Room Parents to plan the Grade Level Party, the Grade Level Program and any other Grade Level projects.
  • Collect and keep track of class funds and t-shirt orders.

Service Projects

In addition to the many academic and extracurricular opportunities provided to students at WUES, the PTO supports a year-long program of service opportunities. Our students, families, faculty and staff have enthusiastically participated in a wide selection of charitable endeavors in recent years, assisting in efforts on the school, city, national and international levels to improve the circumstances of people in need. We attempt to select projects which can actively involve our students; it is our belief that children can learn at an early age to make a positive difference in the world.

Please consider joining the efforts of our students and staff as each of these projects is introduced during the school year. Our students have a wonderful capacity for caring and sharing, and when they are given meaningful opportunities to give, serve, and implement change, they can make amazing things happen! Please contact Courtney Tsao, VP Service, if you are interested in helping out.


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