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News:  K-2 Team Tryouts:  Monday, January 30th, 3:15 – 4:00 p.m. in the school library! Download the form HERE!

NTB K-2 

In order to select the team, we will have a TRYOUT TEST, which will consist of 30 oral statements that will be read aloud to the group for each child to answer individually on their test paper. The test will be scored, and based on these scores, we will select the team of six plus alternates.


  • When:                Monday, January 30th 2017
  • Where:               School Library
  • Time:                 3:15pm – 4:00pm  (Tryouts will start promptly at 3:15 p.m.)
  • Who:                 Only the students and the individuals administering the tryouts will be allowed in the room during testing.

If your child has read the 30 books and would like to try out, please fill out and return the form to either the library in the box marked K – 2 NTB, or via email, no later than January 27th. We will send additional information during that week for registered participants only.

Please read the commitments below carefully.

Student Commitment (in case he or she makes the team)

Read (or have read to them) all 30 books on this year’s list. Students must also be willing to reread the books repeatedly to be able to correctly identify themes and quotes from any of the books.

Attend our team practices regularly. Meetings will be held bi-weekly after school from February 2nd  to March 27th (Usually on Thursdays – depending on the availability of the room) from 3:15pm to 4:00pm. Other days may be needed and we will let you know.

Be a team player and work well as part of a team, which includes listening to others’ ideas and making team decisions.

Refrain from any disruptive behavior both at team meetings and in the competition.

Parent Commitment (in case your child makes the team)

Sign permission slip (to be provided) and make arrangements for your child to attend meetings. Encourage reading of the books and discuss possible book themes and questions. Read the books with them if possible. Write 10 questions per book on all 30 books. We need a minimum of 300 questions from each team member parent. It is crucial to have parent involvement to help prepare the team.

Please go to the HISD Library Services website to know more about the contest:

Please consider coming to the competition in March, if at all possible! It will be scheduled between March 21st – March 27th. Our actual date is not yet known, but will be set and relayed to the team members’ parents as we get closer to February. It will be at a time during the school day and we will need permission slips to take students out of school on the competition date.

Please email your questions to:

Monika Ummat –

Natashia Miller –

NTB 3-5

The WUES Book Club welcomes 3rd-5th grade students who love to read. Beginning September 13, the club will meet from 3-4pm on Tuesdays at the school library. Mrs. Russell, the school librarian, leads the weekly discussions of the books on the NTB list (which can be found here).  The team for the 3rd-5th grade “Name That Book” (NTB) Contest will be selected from among the club members. In the spring, team members meet on Thursdays as well so that they can prepare for competition at the end of February.  During competition, quotes are read from the books and team members must work together to identify the book. 

Book club members will receive a weekly reading list.  Students are expected to read the books before coming to the meetings so that they can meaningfully contribute to the discussions. The 20 Bluebonnet books are read in the fall, followed by the remaining 10 books on the NTB list in the spring semester.  Besides preparing for the NTB contest, the club members discuss prominent themes, examine similarities and differences between books, and participate in a variety of activities.  We hope to see many avid readers at our club meetings!

Contact (3rd-5th): Aaryn Silva.

For a news story on last year’s NTB Contest, please visit the HISD News Blog.

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