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Wednesday Math Club (SIGN UP NOW)

To accommodate increased interest in Math Olympiad among enthusiastic 4th and 5th graders, a second Math Club is being started. Weekly Practices will be held after school every Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:10 pm in a fun team atmosphere, working out tricky problem solving questions and enhancing number sense in the process. Children will be able to participate in a monthly Math Olympiad Contest right here in the Club.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Indira Manickam.


WUES Math Enrichment (Tuesdays-FULL)

The Math Olympiad Club at WUES seeks to foster confidence in problem-solving skills and a love of math.  Club members must be in 4th or 5th grade and have a keen interest in math. They will compete in five Math Olympiad contests to be held during regular club meetings once per month from November to March and will be part of a national and international competition, receiving individual as well as team awards.

The contests are the first level of math competition that continues in high school and ultimately leads to the US Math team that attends the International Math Olympiad. In addition to practicing problem-solving skills related to the Math Olympiad contests, club members work on math games, puzzles, and other math-related activities during club meetings. WUES team members from past years have gone on to do very well in their middle schools, competing in MathCounts, Math Kangaroo, and several other competitions. For more information about the contests and the organization that conducts them, please visit

Eligibility: Students in 4th-5th grades with a keen interest in Math

Rules of participation:

Participation is open only to 4th and 5th graders at WUES. Twenty students may participate, based on a first come, first served basis. Members must respect the property of the teachers and other club participants. If you need to borrow anything, please request the coach’s permission, and return it in good condition before leaving for the day. Food and drinks, if you bring any, must be consumed before entering the classroom. Please use the restrooms in the main building BEFORE coming to class. The coaches have no access to the main buildings. Students are expected to help keep their area clean and to help clean up the classroom before leaving. No homework may be done during class meetings. Binders/backpacks, electronics, and other possessions must be left in the designated area, which will be identified at the first meeting. Have a pencil and paper with you at your desk. On competition days, seating will be assigned. Otherwise, free seating is allowed at the discretion of the club chairs. When a club member or coach is explaining a concept or solution, all other participants are expected to be attentive. Although chatting is generally permitted (other than during competitions or when you have been asked to be quiet), it should be relevant to the topic we’re discussing. If a behavior or language would be inappropriate in a classroom or in public, it is inappropriate during after-school meetings. Members will generally be given two warnings for improper conduct before the parent is notified. After the third warning, the student may be expelled from the club. Certain behavior or language that is harmful or offensive to others involved in the club will lead to immediate expulsion from the club without prior warning. Cheating is not permitted during competition. Each member will be given a privacy folder to aid in concentration and prevent cheating. Those involved in any incident of cheating will have their scores disqualified for that competition in which the cheating occurred. Every club member is part of the WUES 4th-6th grade Math Olympiad team. A strong team spirit is essential to team success, just as in any team sport. As with any team sport, there are no re-dos in case a child missed a contest. This rule is set by the Math Olympiad Association and is non-negotiable. Further rules, as required, may be added and will be communicated to all participants and parents.

For more information regarding Math Club, please contact Ben Barnett.

Click here to see the Math Club Rules.

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