Hands on Art

West U Hands On Art is a volunteer-led art program that introduces students to great artists and inspires them to create their own works of art.


  • Embrace the artist in every child
  • Explore great artists and styles from different time periods around the world
  • Introduce the students to a variety of artistic concepts such as line, form, light, color, texture, and shape
  • Create art using different materials
  • Encourage students to explore art in the community
  • Create art detectives who can appreciate observing art
  • Incorporate music into art lesson if applicable
  • Create lasting projects


  • Class Coordinator (1 per class)
    • Responsible for distributing information/instructions to classroom HOA volunteers
    • Attend class HOA art lesson and provide assistance
    • No artistic skills necessary!
  • Class Volunteers to help pass out supplies and assist children. You can sign-up to assist your child’s class once each month or substitute as needed.
    • Attend class HOA art lesson
    • Assist in distribution of art supplies to students
    • Provide assistance to students as directed by Lesson Coordinator
    • Clean up after lesson so that workspace is ready for next class
    • Please note: Some art lessons involve “messy” materials (paint, clay, etc.)
    • You can sign-up to assist your child’s class once each month or sign up as a substitute and attend lessons as needed
    • No artistic skills necessary!

Please sign-up at Open House.

For general information, please contact Valerie Browning or Judy Cheng.

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