AR Program

Accelerated Reading (AR) Program

The AR program is a commercial reading program used in many schools nationwide. Participating students in grades 1-5 read a book, take a short comprehension quiz (on any school computer) and earn points based on that score. We have quizzes on over 3,000 books. Students who achieve certain point levels are recognized on the AR bulletin board located outside of the library.

Our AR list includes excellent children’s literature titles from the classics to award winners. The library supports the AR program by selecting books appropriate for all reading levels and by marking all books with AR reading level color-coded stickers. A different color is assigned to each reading level, and students learn the color system quickly during library skill lessons.

Quizzes are available on both fiction and nonfiction books. During library time, children are instructed how to choose books of all types and genres, including AR books. Students quickly learn to choose books within their “comfort zone,” which is actually a reading range and not an absolute number. A measure of flexibility must be exercised when choosing AR books.

Click here for the AR BookFinder tool.

NOTE: Books used for AR may be obtained anywhere – classroom, home, public library or school library.

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